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WebSupplier - Integrating the smallest participants in the supply chain.

WebSupplier is a cloud based web application, that enables suppliers to receive orders from their customers via the internet, and to send back order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.

WebSupplier can be deployed rapidly as a single connection to the customers back-office system and provide an ability to reach all suppliers with a consistent, highly intuitive and easy to use interface for returning business documents.

There are no barriers to suppliers working with WebSupplier since all that is need is an internet connection and a web browser. Helping suppliers get up to speed with WebSupplier couldn’t be easier with a proven model capable of on-boarding 100’s of suppliers per month supported by full on-line tutorials, excellent documentation and a telephone support team.

Why use WebSupplier?

Large businesses are increasingly needing their suppliers and customers to trade with them electronically in order to lower operating costs and speed up the flow of information along the supply chain. Terms such as B2B, EDI and eMessaging all refer to the automated exchange of business documents such as orders and invoices between the IT systems of buyers, sellers, logistics and other businesses. Whilst IT has come a long way toward making it easier and more cost effective for small and medium sized businesses to meet the eBusiness needs of their customers and suppliers, it can still be tough for some businesses for a variety of reasons.

  • Features
    • Trade electronically with multiple customers.
    • Notification/alert by email or SMS of new orders.
    • Receive Purchase Orders. Optionally, these can be printed in a consistent format across all customers.
    • Send Order Confirmations, Delivery Notes and Invoices to your customers.
    • Efficient search and navigation to quickly and easily find all of your orders and other documents.
    • Support for back orders and part processed orders.
    • Support for multiple users in WebSupplier, each with different roles and privileges.
  • Benefits
    • Order and Invoices exchanged using WebSupplier generate significantly fewer errors.
    • WebSupplier users experience fewer Credit Notes and requests for Credit notes.
    • Invoices from WebSupplier receive the highest priority for processing. Invoices from WebSupplier are, on average, paid faster than manual invoices due to automation, priority and a lower error rate (less delays).
    • Workforce flexibility: The system enables suppliers to access orders and receive alerts anywhere and at any time.
    • Suppliers receive orders from multiple customers in a consistent format.
    • WebSupplier offers a full audit trail over the process highlighting the status of orders and giving a searchable history of what has been process and received by both parties.
    • Buyers are committed to giving better and more valuable data to suppliers trading electronically,including WebSupplier suppliers.
    • Suppliers not able to directly integrate their systems electronically can all be dealt with consistently and fairly as customers committed to making business improvements can roll-out electronic ordering without leaving anyone behind.

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