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Our integration solutions are right for everyone

We simplify integration with highly flexible iPaaS and data exchange technology to fuel business critical decisions. Our solutions are right for anyone and easily accommodates any data sources such as finance, HR, CRM, ERP and many more, all in one place and easy to access.


  • Can scale up or down easily according to need with flexible deployment model
  • Works with existing IT estate; does not mandate change
  • Low resource requirements make for easy federation of components


  • Easy to implement
  • Most solutions require only configuration – no development
  • Built on top of web standard technologies
  • Out of the box solutions for error handling and alerting


  • Scales predictably to meet highly challenging latency and concurrency requirements
  • Resilient connections facilitate auto recovery
  • Supports several resilient deployment models

Explore our products

Flexible, agile, extendable integration with Interlok™

The Adaptris Interlok™ Integration Framework is an event-based framework designed to enable architects to rapidly connect different applications.

Integration for the cloud with the Adaptris integration platform

The integration platform provides a scalable solution to enterprises of all sizes and has successfully been deployed across multiple industries.

Integrating the smallest participants in the supply chain with WebSupplier

Cloud-based web application enabling suppliers to receive orders from customers via the internet, and send back order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices.

Experts in providing high performance integration consultancy

Providing custom application development and consultancy creating both fully integrated web and mobile applications.

Regulatory, AML and compliance reporting automation

Regulatory reporting solutions covering the UNODC’s GoAml standard

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Integration choices


The Adaptris Interlok™ and integration platform offers the ability to configure once and deploy anywhere.

In the cloud

The Adaptris Interlok™ and integration platform offers the ability to deploy integration components either in a private, 3rd party or the Adaptris cloud.


The real sweet spot for the Adaptris integration platform is where customers federate the deployment of the integration solution.