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Regulatory, AML and
compliance reporting

Regulatory reporting solutions covering the UNODC’s GoAml standard

The GATR solution is made up of main two components:

goAML management console

Providing a user friendly view of the end to end process to the accountable institution. The system is made up of various components from a rules engine to handle validation of the reports, to a workflow engine to handle the remediation of the missing customer data and a tracking system to close the loop on submissions and provide an audit trail. A further element includes integration with the FIC message board to manage responses from the FIC and close the submission loop and audit trail.

Interlok™ goAML adapter

Used for integration with the FIC and to manage the flow of messages (reports and data) between the internal bank systems to the GATR Management Console and then onto the FIC.

How GATR can benefit your business


Integrated and scalable solution


Accurate, timely and consistent regulatory reporting


Full audit trail of the process for easier regulatory investigations


  • Seamless integration into multiple data sources
  • Enterprise grade solution compliant with regulator requirements
  • Manual remediation of missing data, simply correct once and apply for the future
  • Pre-built reporting framework with support and integration

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