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Data integration

Connecting internal management systems that didn’t previously ‘talk’ to each other, standardizing processes that suffered from duplication or delay and pioneering new technologies that connect systems and processes.

  • Connectivity between your business critical systems or with external trading partners can be executed and managed whether both on premise or in the cloud
  • Out of the box connectivity to hundreds of applications and data communications standards
  • Ability to mediate business process differences between applications
  • See data flowing through the integration layer in real-time and be able to be alerted in the event of any failures

Purchase to pay

Automating and integrating the full purchase to payment process, connecting procurement and invoicing operations.

  • Automation allows for reduced processing times and straight-through processing where the incoming invoices are handled without any manual intervention
  • Control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction – from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed – providing full insight into cashflow and financial commitments
  • Financial commitments are understood at the point they are committed to rather than when invoiced. As a result, efficiency and cost saving benefits can be substantial

Order management

Providing leading edge integration and data integration, giving complete, timely and actionable information to improve supply chain decisions.

  • Through integration of the supply chain and processes it enables not only the capture and provision of data for ERP, supply chain and financial management systems, but also as a single platform for visibility, monitoring and reporting.
  • Providing real time visibility of orders allows management by exception, and can identify products, orders and shipments requiring specific actions.
  • Maximize inventory productivity by tracking orders in real time.

Inventory management

Supply chain synchronization at its core is about looking at inventory and developing relationships with trading partners to enhance visibility and processes, both internally and across the trading partner network.

  • Product tracking through business process and the complete supply chain as well as greater visibility and quality management of third party warehouse stock
  • Automated stock replenishment / implementing consignment stock and VMI
  • Effective management of rebates and loyalty programs

As a result sales visibility is improved and you get greater control of your supply chain. More efficient use of transportation is enabled and you can offer enhanced customer service.

Single view of the customer

Enabling multiple teams to act as one, collaborating around a fully integrated 360-degree view to understand and anticipate customer needs.

  • Seamlessly connecting multiple systems, effectively creating one platform. Legacy connections can be migrated to the integration cloud enabling a single solution, with reduced support and cost savings
  • Overlaying this with our big data capabilities means to consolidate the data and achieve industry defining match rates without putting your core systems at risk
  • Using analytics to visualize the data, provide actionable business insight and help identify commercial opportunities
  • Empowering better customer service, increased insight and accelerating revenue growth.

Real-time data reporting

Providing industry leading, real-time dashboards and analytics that support your business in decision making processes

  • Ensuring that up to date and informative data is presented in a clear and precise way allowing organizations instant access to vital data in an easy to interpret format
  • Fully interactive graphs allow the user to drill down through the data to single line item detail with simple mouse click operations. Data is updated on a minute by minute basis 24 hours a day ensuring the right data at the right time
  • The dashboard uses web services to proactively pull data from various databases using Interlok integration technology to ensure safe, accurate and secure data is provided on a regular basis

API management

Build new APIs, design new interfaces for existing APIs and more efficiently manage all of your APIs using a single platform to rapidly expose enterprise data in a secure controlled way.

  • Unlock data from existing legacy systems for easy consumption by new applications
  • Deliver seamless experiences with aggregated data from multiple applications and data sources
  • Easily manage security and scalability as your API usage rapidly expands
  • Establish a consistent and secure access for data on-premise or in the cloud

Open source information

Our Adaptris Interlok framework is itself open source. Embedding a number of open source technologies and rapidly supporting and contributing to a number of open source projects.

  • Our open source framework means that we can rapidly support de jure and de facto standards as they emerge
  • Developers can plug in their own java based services and are deployed into the platform as first class citizens. We publish the APIs and indeed the core product code within our git repository for anyone to built upon
  • We are looking at ways to help our customers leverage our platforms to support new technologies and paradigms such as Blockchain

IoT integration

IoT projects are a top technical challenge for traditional integration platforms. In order to support IoT in a project it is necessary to exchange data and events at high frequency between IoT devices, IoT platforms, cloud services, mobile applications and business applications, hosted either on premise or in the cloud. 

  • Adaptris Integration Fabric can be deployed in a hybrid model with Interlok™ deployed at the edge of the network, close to the source of the events and data and yet centrally managed and monitored. This reduces network traffic and supports scaling across the network
  • Providing out of the box caching mechanisms to reduce the number of calls made by or to applications, ensuring businesses are not network constrained by a large numbers of events
  • Interlok™ provides a wide range of pre-built connections for IoT devices, backend applications either cloud or on-premise and supports the ability to throttle and prioritise traffic to the applications.

Integration brokerage

Allowing customers to use any combination of back-end application, cloud application, integration platform, messaging platform or third party Value Added Network (VAN) to support integration needs. We have interconnect agreements with a large number of VANs which enables our customers to exchange data and trade with their partners on the third party networks.

  • Leverage and expand existing trading partners (even on third party networks)
  • Using a common integration platform to gain visibility into multiple departmental level integration projects
  • Support migration between back-end platforms

Big data integration

Our solutions include pre-built connections to a wide range of platforms, along with transformation, enrichment and other services. It also supports standard enterprise integration patterns including ETL and simplifies making big data and search usable.

  • Leverage existing services to insert and manipulate data for Big Data platforms
  • ETL from big data platforms to ensure consistent master data is available across an enterprise
  • Works with cloud or local big data platforms

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Adaptris solutions solve the most strategic challenges facing our customers’ businesses. We have solved integration challenges for business as diverse as airlines to agriculture.

Integration built in

Easily integration with customer systems and data sources without the need for a separate integration solution. Alternatively our solutions easily connect to other integration tools and across integration silos. A true hybrid solution.

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