Latest Interlok Release

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Integration Choices

On premise

The Adaptris Interlok and Cirrus platform offers the ability to configure once and deploy anywhere.

Customers can configure a simple on premise instance of Interlok to provide basic integration between applications, databases and connectivity to 3rd parties.

In the cloud

The Adaptris Interlok and Cirrus platform offers the ability to deploy integration components either in a private cloud, 3rd party cloud provider such as Amazon or Azure or the Adaptris cloud.

Components are configured in exactly the same way wherever they are deployed, meaning complete flexibility to migrate between providers.


The real sweet spot for the Adaptris Cirrus platform is where customers federate the deployment of the integration solution.

Interlok Adapters can be deployed on-premise yet configured and managed centrally either by the Adaptris Managed Service team or the customers own IT team.

This approach offers a powerful integration solution when integrating different business units together or even entire B2B trading exchanges. Adaptris technology powers a number of B2B trading exchanges in sectors such as digital supply chain, agri-chemical, component electronics manufacturing and many more.