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Community Management

Turnkey or fully managed

Adaptris provides a turnkey or fully managed solution for complete supply-chain and industry document exchange and information collaboration.

his can be offered as a white label service which enables partners to create their own community that is fully managed by our technical experts.

Community applications

Where B2B communities require business logic beyond simple messaging we offer a suite of community applications which can be used by participants to mediate often complex processes.

Among other key applications offered we offer a Stock Management application which enable its user enables its user to collaborate with customers in reducing stock and freeing capital or adopt a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) model], Quality testing and tracking applications which allow customers to speed up the process of obtaining sample results and speeding up claim processing. We also offer applications such as catalog management and a community based business rules application which allows the community to use services such as validation and matching of documents and data inflight.

Inflight mediation

Rather than simple point to point communication, Adaptris Cirrus offers real time tracking and analysis of information flowing within a community.

Based on the community applications our customers are also able to mediate between business process and data semantics. Some customers require for example a proof of delivery prior to receipt of an invoice, this is an area where we can mediate in the hub with complete transparency to both partners.

Event based message tracking

One of the areas where communities often incur a high people overhead is in being able to visualise the status of a business transaction.

Adaptris have an event based message tracking capability which allows users to track business transactions from for example an order through the order response, despatch note, proof of delivery and ultimately invoice and statement.