Enterprise Integration

This is underpinned by the core adapter framework, which seamlessly integrates to any ecosystems and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud to rapidly enable the creation of global communities.

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B2B Communities

Extends the best of breed Enterprise Integration capability, and packages it along with additional value added services to deliver a truly reliable, integrated community integration solution. The community management solution can be either hosted in the Adaptris cloud, or on premise.

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Adaptris focus on niche and specialist areas of enterprise integration, SOA enablement and custom development of both mobile and web-based applications.

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An Innovative Integration Company

Integration-as-a-service may be one of the last areas where service providers have taken to the cloud, but there are a whole host of reasons why it’s particularly well suited for cloud-based delivery.

Data integration is a discipline that’s historically been neglected in IT projects, almost coming as an afterthought, and in traditional supply chains and EDI, it has left smaller players less well equipped to take part. But with modern SOA-based adapters built to extend the reach of standards-based ESBs, it’s possible to host the integration infrastructure anywhere, and having a third-party specialist manage it in the cloud, makes a lot of sense.

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Why Choose Us

At Adaptris we believe in simplifying integration, which allows our customers to federate components to where they are needed - all configured and governed in one place. In order to deliver on this vision we have engineered the most advanced integration framework. Our integration products are written using this common framework, and it can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud. This capability to mix on premise and cloud integration to over 300 applications and data standards means that the vast majority of integration is just configuration - or like lego, just choosing the appropriate combination of blocks. read more