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Point Integration Solutions

We help Business and IT Executives unlock real value from data trapped in silos inside or outside of the enterprise.

Our integration solutions are right for anyone.  Our technology scales from enabling individual business processes to supporting large supplier communities.  It easily accommodates any integration needs and infrastructure by deploying on site, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

  • Flexible
    • Right-sized solutions & flexible deployment model.
    • Can scale up or down easily according to need.
    • Works with existing IT estate; does not mandate change.
    • Supports multiple messaging backbones.
    • Low resource requirements make for easy federation of components
  • Simple
    • Easy to implement.
    • Most solutions require only configuration – no development.
    • Built on top of web standard technologies.
    • Out of the box solutions for Error Handling and Alerting.
  • Proven
    • Scales predictably to meet highly challenging latency and concurrency requirements.
    • Resilient connections facilitate auto recovery.
    • Supports several resilient deployment models.
    • Facilitating B2B exchange in 1000’s of customers since 2000