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Inventory Management

In an increasingly competitive marketplace new ways are needed to maximise the efficiency and opportunity of inventory management through:

  • Cheaper inventory carrying costs
  • More effective use of manpower
  • More efficient use of transportation
  • Enhanced customer service

Businesses today align themselves with global partners and having collaborative relationships is critical.  Supply chain synchronisation at its core is about looking at inventory and developing relationships with trading partners to enhance visibility and processes, both internally and across the trading partner network.

Inventory Management from Adaptris delivers:

  • Product tracking through business processes and the complete supply-chain
  • Automated stock replenishment / implementing consignment stock and VMI
  • Greater visibility and quality management of 3rd Party warehouse stock

In addition to helping our partners better integrate and control inventory across their trading partner network we also provide solutions to dramatically improve sales visibility and deliver:

  • A better understanding of sales out from your Distributors
  • Effective management of rebates and loyalty programmes
  • Greater control of your supply chain