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Interlok - Flexible, Agile, Extendable Integration Anywhere

Interlok LogoA common business challenge across enterprises of all size is that of integrating disparate systems and data. The integration challenge can be found in multiple areas whether it is on-premise (between applications), in the cloud and between the cloud.

The Adaptris Interlok™ Integration Framework is an event-based framework designed to enable architects to rapidly connect different applications, communications standards and data standards to deliver an integrated solution.

The key design philosophy of the Interlok™ framework is the ability to apply the right amount of integration technology in the appropriate place using common standards. This enables solutions to be supported for their entire lifecycle, which ensure a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

One of the key benefits to the Adaptris approach to integration is the pricing model, components can be priced either on a traditional license model, or as is more frequent in the modern software world on a SaaS basis. As is often the case, we have experienced customers who use our integration software to help migrate applications, in order to support this usage of the software we offer an innovative pay as you go model for pricing.

  • Interlok™ Now – Interlok Now is a range of pre-built Adapters for applications, data standards and communications protocols. It offers a rapid way to integration applications out of the box.
  • Interlok™ On Demand – Interlok on demand is our Pay As You Go Model, it offers the same pre-built Interlok Adapters but priced based on a daily usage model. This offers customers complete flexibility to scale deployments during seasonal increases in demand, or simply to use the Adaptris Interlok Now adapters to migrate between back end systems.
  • Interlok™ Create – Our Interlok Create offering allows 3rd party developers to deliver their own integration solutions using our Interlok Framework and certify the code to enable our 24x7x365 operational support team to support the solution moving forward.


  • Interlok Features
    • Seamless connection to hundreds of applications, data standards and communications protocols.
    • Event based architecture.
    • Centralised configuration with federated execution.
    • Highly scalable both horizontally and vertically.
    • High availability built in from the ground up.
    • Ability to cache data to reduce latency of repeated calls to slow or remote back end systems.
    • Modular design supports standard Enterprise Integration Patterns across any type combination of Interlok Now Adapter or Cirrus Hub.
    • Ability to deploy runtime components into industry standard containers (stand-alone Java, OSGI, J2EE, Sonic Management Framework).
  • Benefits of Interlok
    • Common configuration for all components leads to a lower TCO than other solutions with the ability to expose and consume API’s to legacy applications with simple configuration.
    • Allows real-time data exchange and the ability to extract and store metadata from events in a separate repository. Allowing users the ability to capture and feed big data repositories without development.
    • Single configuration repository means simplified change control of the cloud integration landscape – regardless of where runtime is deployed.
    • Scalability can be measured linearly and can grow through configuration to meet increased business requirements.
    • Supported 24x7x365 and demonstrated to achieve 99.999 availability.

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