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Cirrus - Hybrid Integration for the Cloud

Cirrus LogoThe Cirrus hybrid platform is a best in class integration platform as a service. First deployed in 2001, Cirrus provides a scalable solution to enterprises of all sizes and has successfully been deployed across multiple industry verticals. Cirrus has been architected from the outset to offer a centralised monitoring and control with the ability to federate deployment across the network.

It has been designed from the ground up to offer 99.999% availability whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud. The Cirrus platform is based on the Adaptris Interlok range of adapters and supports an industry leading number of pre-built connection and service types. Furthermore, Cirrus SE (Standard Edition) and Cirrus Enterprise provide interconnects to legacy EDI Value Added Network’s (VANs).

Cirrus has an elastic capacity infrastructure as a service (IAAS), focused on delivering high performance hybrid integration integration across diverse systems. The core reason for the selection of the Adaptris solution was the ability to deploy components as and when required to facilitate the best use of existing IT assets within a customer environment. The cloud hosted solution allows local execution of integration to be centrally monitored and managed, along with the real-time event based tracking which offers complete visibility into the data transactions.

Furthermore Cirrus includes web-based solutions for smaller participants in the B2B supply chain to enable them to trade on an even footing with larger competitors. Cirrus offers a truly scalable hybrid integration platform which helps customers solve on premise and cloud integration challenges in a consistent way. It is one of the only platforms on the market that allows components to be federated across organisational boundaries while retaining security, performance and ease of monitoring.

  • Features
    • Simplified Integration to any combination of On-Premise, Cloud or SaaS application.
    • Elastic scalability.
    • Pluggable Service Oriented Architecture.
    • Out of the box connectivity to hundreds of applications and data communications standards.
    • Ability to rapidly connect bespoke on-premise applications.
    • Event based tracking and visibility of messages in real time.
    • Ability to mediate business process differences between applications.
    • Support for entire B2B community eco-systems from the smallest participants with no back-office system to the largest with on-premise ERP applications.
    • Common data model across the deployment makes it cost effective to deploy additional components.
  • Benefits
    • Consume as much or as little integration as needed for a given business problem.
    • Choose to deploy within the Adaptris Cloud or within a private cloud or even your own infrastructure.
    • Due to the nature of Cirrus it is possible to take advantage of additional applications by simply enabling them on the subscription.
    • Interlok Now provides the connectivity, data transformation and communications components of Cirrus.
    • When working with cloud applications it is important to be able to see in real-time data flowing through the integration layer. Most importantly to be able to be proactively alerted in the event of any failures.
    • Integrating different applications, regardless of whether they are cloud applications or on premise applications sometimes needs to account for different logic. Cirrus allows this integration logic to be hosted in the platform to mitigate the application differences seamlessly.
    • Connecting once to the Cirrus platform enables the use of any component or service available within the platform. Whether a B2B gateway to a legacy EDI Value Added Network or a small web application for third party suppliers.
  • Business Benefits
    • No large upfront investment in an “Enterprise Service Bus” or other integration tooling.
    • Components can be installed on-premise or on the cloud and can move between the two models dynamically.
    • Implementation can grow to support the business as needed.
    • Individual components can be mixed to deliver the optimum business solution.
    • Business data flowing through the Cirrus platform can be captured into a "big data" store to support dashboards for business users to support faster decisions.
    • Flexibility around price model means that common solution can be delivered either as on-premise as a traditional license and maintenance or SaaS, as a full iPaaS hosted within the Adaptris cloud or as a combination.

Cirrus Screenshots

  • Cirrus Dashboard
  • Cirrus Runtime Widgets

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