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Cloud-based integration and e-Business services for agriculture, food and related industries.

F4F provides a range of cloud-based and e-Business services including electronic message exchange (also know as e-Commerce or B2B messaging using XML or EDI), online ordering, CRM portals and mobile solutions. F4F enables buyers, sellers, logistics businesses and other supply chain participants to have one interface to their business and IT systems that supports all of their electronic interactions up and down the supply chain.


F4F was launched over ten years ago in response to the agri/food industry’s need to reform trading practices, operate more efficiently and increase visibility & flow of information. F4F has operations based in six countries around the world and offers services and integration expertise, enabling end- to- end supply chain visibility in all sectors of agriculture, including crop protection, crop nutrition, seed, grain, animal health, machinery and retail/distribution.

Delivered value

F4F enables buyers, sellers, logistics businesses, commodity traders and other supply chain participants to:

  • Eliminate paper based processes
  • Move integration into the cloud
  • Integrate with partners, large and small
  • Move to newer XML data standards
  • Support existing EDI standards
  • Utilize newer mobile technologies
  • Deliver supplier/buyer portals rapidly
  • Have visibility of end- to- end message tracking
  • Establish and manage master data catalogs
  • Accelerate projects realizing value more quickly

F4F enables clients to realize benefits across business processes such as order to cash, inventory management, contract management and logistics.

Proven technology

F4F is built upon proven Adaptris integration technology and benefits from over a decade of experience using cloud-based technology. Adaptris achieves flexibilit and reliability by using the latest cloud-based software; fault tolerant servers, robust enterprise middleware and
custom web applications. For customers whose trading partners have limited integration abilities, F4F
offers web applications and integration adaptors with cloud-based mapping and validation.


F4F is a series of cloud services and web-based applications that enable agricultural trading partner communities to be tied together quickly, with
flexibility and at minimal costs. Key applications include:

  • B2B document exchange
  • Master data catalog management
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Sales data sharing
  • E- Invoice download/management
  • Traceability
  • Validation and matching
  • WebBuyer and WebSupplier portals

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